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Posted by Russ Griffin on April 23, 2020 | Last Updated: April 27, 2020 Uncategorized

Ways Florists Are Going Green

Although flowers develop right out of the earth, several of them are grown in a more eco-friendly and sustainable manner. If you’re planning on celebrating a special occasion, or just love having beautiful flowers in your home, then here at Griffins Floral Designs, we recommend selecting a flower shop which practices sustainable floristry. We do our part to perform eco-friendly practices while still creating stunning floral designs for our community.

Single Crocus in Grass

What Are Sustainably Grown Flowers?

You are most likely familiar with sustainable energy and food sources, but are you aware there are also sustainable florists? That is perfect. Some flowers and florists tend to be more green compared to others. Sustainable flowers are the ones that are developed naturally with little demand for extra energy (used to run artificial light sources), secure fertilizers, along with extra Earth-friendly cultivating methods.

Growing Buds

What to Look for in a Sustainable Florist

  • Eco-friendly florists source as many of their flowers as they can from reputable, local growers. When they must import flowers, a green florist will look for farms and growers that are certified sustainable.
  • Eco-friendly florists also reuse a lot their materials, recycle what they can, and reduce the use of plastics. For example, wrapping flowers in paper rather than plastic and using reusable and organic mechanics rather than foam.
  • Sustainable florists likewise encourage clients – especially high volume industrial customers – to reuse vases. Here at Griffin’s, we are always pleased to refill vases or other containers for our customers.
  • Minimizing waste by composting and donating leftover stems to places such hospitals as well as nursing homes is important. Another earth-friendly practice is to coordinate delivery routes or use battery-powered vehicles to reduce emissions.

Field of Dahlia Flowers

How You Can Help

Along with picking a sustainable florist for all of your floral needs,  you will find a couple of things you are able to do to create the flowers of yours a lot more green.

Give Your Flowers a New Life

You are able to provide the flowers of yours a second life by protecting the beauty of theirs. Either press or even hang the flowers of yours to dry. Then show them in your house to become savored for decades to come. Should you decide to not dry out the flowers of yours, you are able to set them to use that is good in a compost bin. Wear them to fertilize the own garden of yours or even give them away to a nearby community garden for composting.

Choose a Local Eco-Friendly Florist

Yes, choosing a sustainable florist is going to make a difference, but picking a neighborhood green florist is much more effective! Not merely will your floral delivery invigorate the area economy, though you will additionally decrease the overall emissions associated with the delivery of the delivery of yours. When customers use nation wide flower delivery services, their blossoms need to be shipped further and furthermore will not always be sustainably grown.

Young Tulip Blooms

To discover more about sustainable floristry plus the actions Griffin’s has brought to provide green bouquets, we welcome you to communicate with us and stop by our floral store today.