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Posted by Russ Griffin on April 4, 2014 | Last Updated: December 13, 2021 Uncategorized

3 Tips for Flowers on Passover

When it comes to selecting flowers for Passover, the variety and arrangements are endless. It is easy to be overwhelmed when working to determine the best options. Here are three tips to help people select their flowers and use them in their celebrations.

Choose a theme

One of the best ways to have all the decorations and flowers complement each other is to choose a theme. One family may choose a theme of warmth, and select flowers, table linens, and other decorations with colors like oranges, yellows, and reds. Another may elect to stick with roses and decorate with the variety of colors that the beautiful flowers come in. Regardless of personal preference, selecting a theme will make the home feel coordinated and beautifully set to celebrate the victory of the Jewish people in Egypt.

Mix some decorative lettuce leaves with bold colored flowers

Lettuce leaves and flowers have a rich history during the Passover season. They were traditionally used as a part of a matchmaking tradition, where single men would approach single women and offer them flowers. If the flower was accepted, the young man could venture to the young woman’s house to speak with her parents. He would send baskets of lettuce leaves and flowers ahead of himself. Bring this tradition to life by decorating trays with fancy lettuce leaves and bold colored flowers. It will add beautiful imagery to the home and help tie in the past and present.

Use flowers to spread the message of Passover

Flowers are wonderful because they bring to mind renewal and rebirth. These themes are important to any celebration of Passover, as the Jewish people remember their journey out of slavery in Egypt. It was a time of renewal for the ancestors, so modern descendents use flowers to call these themes to mind. Spread the joyful message of Passover with little acts, such as sending guests home with small bouquets at the end of the Passover Seder, placing small flowers on saucers when serving tea, and offering flowered gift baskets to friends and family. The season is an important period in Jewish life, and the joy and renewal it brings can be offered to everyone around.

Flowers fantastic decorations to be used throughout Passover. As the Jewish people celebrate the victory of their ancestors and their trust in the Lord, they use flowers to remind themselves of the season of rebirth. The above three tips will help those commemorating the holiday to select their flowers, such as these gorgeous options from Griffins Floral Design, and use them to celebrate the holiday to its fullest.