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Posted by Russ Griffin on August 17, 2015 | Last Updated: October 29, 2020 Uncategorized

August Gladiolus

gladiolusWhen it comes to birth flowers, August boasts one of the most interesting, the gladiola. The name gladiolus is derived from the Latin word gladius, meaning sword; and is so known because of the sharp, blade-shaped leaves of the flower. The flowers are connected to a tube-like stem, and are generally shaped like a trumpet or funnel. Flowers can be many colors, including pink, purple, red, and white; and petals are often ruffled or frilly around the edges.



Bunches of Love

The meanings behind the striking gladiolus are varied based on differing traditions. The most common interpretation lies in the “gladiator” association, which evokes feelings of moral integrity and strength. But you may also wish to send the gorgeous gladiola to those you love. Victorian romantics considered the sword-like leaves to be capable of piercing the heart of a desired love one, making infatuation and love, at first sight, two additional reasons to send this flower to the birthday honoree. Our Bunches of Love Bouquet will extravagantly portray your feelings of new love – this lavish arrangement showcases lavender gladioli and roses, purple asters, and larkspur that will catch their eye and their attention.

Or perhaps you’d like to send someone special our Endless Love display. Presented in a thoughtful hourglass glass vase, this lavish floral arrangement is comprised of pink gladioli, red roses, pink tulips and roses, white hydrangea, and purple larkspur. If the love of your life is celebrating a birthday in August, this bouquet will surely touch their heart. Incidentally, the gladiolus is also the traditional flower of 40th wedding anniversaries.

Whether you choose the gladiolus, or another flower holding special meaning to you – Griffin’s Floral Designs has three Columbus area florists that will help you to send the perfect birthday bouquet. Stop into one of our floral shops or call us today, for more great ideas on the perfect August birthday arrangement.