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Griffins Floral Designs

Posted by Russ Griffin on June 4, 2018 Uncategorized

Brew Up A Good Father’s Day

Let’s face it, there are two or three things you can always count on your dad to happily receive. Maybe it’s a book, his favorite snack or a new set of golf balls. These are your go-to gifts come Father’s Day—June 17 this year—and they bring a smile to his face every time. Griffin’s Floral Designs has something in mind that will make a neat surprise for him this year, but definitely doesn’t go outside the comfort zone. In fact, we have a feeling that once you give him a gift like this, he’ll start expecting it year after year.

We’re talking about our Homestead Brewery IPA’s Premium Gourmet Gift Set, an elegant, handsome, delectable collection of goodies that center around the IPA. Here you’ve got 2 bottles of the brew, a glass, sharp cheddar, jalapeno cheese, snack packs, summer sausage and a cutting board and knife. This is a dad-centric picnic in a basket, or the perfect round up of treats to serve him mid-afternoon on Father’s Day. We love a gift that is an experience, too, and in this case, one that is easily shared. Homestead Brewery Premium Gourmet Gift Set

Don’t stress about Father’s Day this year. It’s easy enough to offer something different but also guaranteed to please if you go the gourmet gift basket route.