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Posted by Russ Griffin on June 11, 2015 | Last Updated: October 29, 2020 Uncategorized

Celebrating Dad This Father’s Day

Father's DayDo you celebrate Father’s Day each year with a big family barbecue? Do you meet up with family members at his favorite restaurant for a nice meal? Are you across the country from your dad and celebrate with gifts through the mail? Griffin’s Floral Design offers some fun options for Father’s Day gifts, and you also have access to some pretty cool modern ways to celebrate the holiday.

Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day?

Like the similar holiday of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day was conceived as a way to honor the contributions and love of fathers for their families, and it’s been a popular holiday for many decades around the world. Although honoring the family patriarch isn’t something that required an official holiday, some families in the early 20th century decided that an official day was an important way to recognize the role of fathers in their families.

The holiday would remain an unofficial part of the calendar for many decades until the 1960s when Congress and President Johnson decided that the day needed official recognizing. A few years later, President Nixon would make that decree official by establishing Father’s Day as an annual holiday that would arrive on the third Sunday of June.

Like the mild controversy that surrounded Mother’s Day and the attempts by the founder of that holiday to have it stricken from the calendar, the birth of Father’s Day also saw a rocky start. People around the United States and Canada tried no less than three times to officially establish the holiday before it caught on and was recognized across the continent.

Father's Day

Starbucks Get Up and Go

Celebrating Father’s Day with Modern Gifts

If you’ve spent the past 10 Father’s Days giving your dad the timeless cologne, aftershave, or tie, you might think about switching things up this year with a modern take on the holiday. Does Dad have to get up early for work each day? If he’s a Starbucks fan, you might think about an awesome gift basket full of Starbucks coffee and goodies.

If it seems like your dad has everything and another tie just wouldn’t fit in his bureau, you can also think about honoring your father with a charitable endeavor. Is there a charity that he admires or one that has a special meaning to your family? He might appreciate it if you make a donation in his name.

Another way you can celebrate Father’s Day is to have a nice green plant or a terrarium delivered to his office during the week before Father’s Day. You can also bring a plant along if you’re having a barbecue in his honor at the house. Your father will appreciate any gesture or gift you choose this Father’s Day.