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Easter Baskets, Gifts & Floral Designs

Easter Baskets

Christian tradition tells us that the very first Easter morning took place in a lush garden in springtime. Therefore, it is appropriate that bright spring flowers are still thought to be one of the best representatives of the Easter celebration. Whether your Sunday morning includes going to a sunrise service or filling Easter baskets at an Easter egg hunt, this is a special day for families to spend together.  At Griffin’s Floral Design, we have created floral designs guaranteed to enhance your customs and traditions with seasonal beauty – check out the collection here.

The Beginning of the Easter Basket:  The egg was an important symbol to ancient cultures, representing abundance and new life. Eggs were often carried reverently during the annual festivals – and were arranged in grasses, sticks, and twigs emulating a bird’s nest. This custom evolved into the weaving of baskets to carry the eggs, the forerunner to the colorful Easter basket we know today. 

Easter baskets

Floral easter baskets are the perfect gift to send to your loved ones on Easter – or to instantly transform your home’s ambiance from ordinary to fresh and beautiful! From simple baskets of gerberas and tulips to extravagant designs showcasing roses, irises, and hydrangea in rich tones,  we have a design for every style and personality.

The Easter lily is an important symbol and is recognized as the official flower of the holiday. Representing the ideals of purity, innocence, hope and new life, you’ll find the lily adorning churches, offices, and living rooms across Columbus. (Don’t forget to order your lilies early!)

Easter basketsGriffin’s Floral Design not only features baskets and floral designs in our Easter collection, but you’ll also find whimsical candy baskets, blooming plants and stunning centerpieces for your holiday table. However you and your family celebrate Easter, you’ll find all the best gifts and florals at our shop. Easter is April 16th, but don’t wait too long to order and remember – we deliver!