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Posted by Russ Griffin on July 15, 2017 | Last Updated: September 1, 2020 Uncategorized

Embrace Sisterhood & Friendship


This month, the world celebrates National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day (both observed on the first Sunday in August). The fact that both of these celebrations are on the same day makes perfect sense, as each recognizes the people who helped shape and form who we are today. For those who grew up with a close sister bond or a strong childhood connection, imagining life without those people is impossible. That’s why August 6 gives us such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate them.

For all of your special occasions throughout the year, you can trust Griffin’s Floral Designs to provide the most beautiful floral designs to mark the occasions. 

friendshipThe Language of Flowers: Many flowers have a significance which makes a bouquet take on a deeper meaning. For instance, red roses are representative of the passion and true love and are often considered the official flowers of romance. Similarly, friendship has an official flower as well – the yellow rose is the perfect flower to give your friends, sisters, and anyone to whom you want to convey camaraderie and loyalty.

Sisters and best friends both play important roles in our lives – from teaching us how to share to help us navigate complex situations, to strategizing with us as to our life’s goals. Throughout our lives, these strong bonds provide us with confidence, security, happiness, and optimism, and experts say that having a close sister bond even helps guard against depression and loneliness.

For National Friendship Day, giving yellow roses is a great choice. You may also choose to incorporate this flower into a mixed arrangement or allow our designers to create a custom design that showcases the meaningful bloom.  For all of life’s special occasions, Griffin’s Floral Designs is your Columbus floral connection.