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Posted by Russ Griffin on October 10, 2023 Uncategorized

Five Perfect Occasions to Make the Holidays Special with Floral Design Classes

As you make your holiday shopping list this year, ditch the clutter of tangible presents that gather dust; instead, opt for the gift of memory-making. Experiences are increasingly treasured over material possessions, and the festive season offers you five perfect moments to embrace this trend. Floral design classes are the ideal present for family, friends, coworkers, and loved ones, elevating the spirit of giving to new heights. Learn to craft beautiful arrangements together, deepen your bonds, and foster creativity and camaraderie. At Griffins Floral Design & Wineshop, the top shop in Newark and New Albany, Ohio, we have great ideas to help you make the season unforgettable through the joy of shared experiences.

After the Thanksgiving Feast

After you’ve eaten the Thanksgiving feast and the last bite of apple pie, it’s time to jump into the Christmas season. Before everyone gets back to work and school on Monday, plan an activity that promotes quality time. Gifting a floral design class to your family does precisely that. Instead of spending more money on Black Friday for more things, why not hang out and have a meaningful experience together? Design artful arrangements to bring holiday joy into your spaces, all while sharing laughter, telling family stories, and creating special memories. As you all bid each other farewell on Sunday, you’ll have a handmade bouquet of blooms to brighten your mood after the Thanksgiving celebrations are over.

Before the Family Comes Over for Christmas Dinner

If you want to arrange your holiday centerpieces on time or design a custom gift for your generous dinner hosts, join a flower design class. Choose a design incorporating fresh white flowers and bold red tones, along with seasonal elements. For a unique take on British tradition, try crafting flower crowns instead of paper crowns, a greener option. Whether going by yourself or with your buds, it’s an excellent way to relax before things kick into high gear. Following the florist’s guidance will make completing another task on your holiday list easier. 

When You’re Ready for a New Kwanzaa Tradition

Coming together with family and close friends for a floral workshop is a fantastic experience gift idea for children and adults. It fosters unity, creativity, and purpose – principles central to Kwanzaa and essential in life. Commemorate the holiday by crafting flower arrangements for the kinara that use the holiday’s symbolic colors: red, black, and green. Complement these hues with the traditional fruits and vegetables of Kwanzaa, including fresh corn ears and colorful apples. You can also team up to design garlands that adorn mantels and doorframes, centerpieces for beautifying buffet tables, and floor arrangements to position by the entryway.

When Your Friends Want to Celebrate Together

Most of us attend an array of parties during the holidays, from workplace events to friendly gatherings. Whether it’s a corporate gifting experience or a casual get-together, a floral arranging class can add an exciting element to your celebration and gift you a beautiful creation to take home. If you’re accustomed to hosting, why not keep the tradition alive with a new twist? Invite your local flower designer to lead a workshop surrounded by holiday treats, delicious beverages, and seasonal decor. Together, you can collaborate on a big project like a festive garland, or each attendee can work on designing their own holiday bouquet.

When You’re Out of Gift Ideas for Mom

If you’re stumped about what to get your mom or anyone else who’s tough to shop for on your holiday list, consider getting them an experience gift. A floral arranging course is the perfect present, as it encourages bonding and teamwork among loved ones. This type of workshop also allows them to showcase their art and design talents during the limbo week between Christmas and New Year’s. Enhance the experience by ordering their favorite drink to take with them, whether it’s champagne, a nice cab, or fruity mocktails with floral accents.

At Griffins Floral Design & Wineshop, we’ve seen how flowers can turn an ordinary day into something special. This holiday season, make it extraordinary for your loved ones by treating them to a floral design class – the gift that will make your festivities merrier.

5 Occasions for a floral design class