Griffins Floral Designs

Griffins Floral Designs

Posted by Russ Griffin on February 19, 2018 | Last Updated: December 10, 2021 Uncategorized

How Flowers Can Make All The Difference

A floral gift makes an impact that is hard to put into words. If you have ever received a bouquet of flowers unexpectedly, then you are aware of what a difference the gift of flowers can make in your day. Griffin’s Floral Design is your source for an array of meaningful floral gift ideas.

While elaborate bouquets can make a visual splash, a simpler arrangement brings both elegance and a dramatic effect. The Calla Peace Bouquet stuns with its open cut calla lilies adorned with simple foliage and in a stunning vase.


Giving the gift of flowers can make all the difference at key events, occasions, and milestones in a person’s life. Here are some examples:

Birthdays – Birthdays come around every year, and some people can be hard to shop for. For the person who has everything, flowers can make an impact in a way that material items cannot.

Bridal or Baby Showers – Showers are a celebration of new beginnings, and a flower arrangement helps to mark the occasion with style and grace.

During An Illness – Flowers lift the spirits and bring healing energy to any room. Sending them while someone is ill can cheer them up. The loving message of flowers can help to inspire a faster recovery.

Life Milestones – Events like graduation, getting a new job, or completing a project call for celebration. Flowers can mark the moment and make all the difference.

A floral gift sends a beautiful message and is appropriate for a range of occasions. Consider sending a Calla Peace Bouquet from Griffin’s Floral Design to your loved ones.