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Posted by Russ Griffin on September 26, 2014 | Last Updated: October 12, 2020 Uncategorized

Fun with Autumn Floral – The Best Flowers for Fall!

fall flowersThe falling of autumn, the temperature and leaves, brings a whole spectrum of color to life with autumn flowers, and for most the fall also brings the last season for outdoor growing. While several flowers bloom in autumn, a few species in particular stand out among them as the hallmarks of the season. This season, keep an eye out for the following blooms in autumn purples and yellows at Griffins Floral Designs and in the gardens of your neighborhood.

Autumn Purples

Aster – Beautiful in purple, the aster bears scads of blooms which also come in varieties with pink, white, and blue blooms. The aster draws butterflies in with its bright pops of color. So, it is a wonderful plant for an outdoor garden. Its flowers, however, look beautiful in a vase too and add variety to a bouquet.

Russian Sage – This particular sage plant grows in clumps of towering spires adorned with tiny purple blooms. From a distant, Russian sage appears like a purple cloud sprung up from the ground. This fragrant plant is actual and herb. So, it is useful to have in the garden. Cuttings also add a lovely accent to an autumn bouquet.

Autumn Yellows

Goldenrod – Blooming in a rich, golden yellow (hence the name), goldenrod is a resilient plant which withstands the drought and heat of summer well. This allows it to bloom brilliantly in autumn. With blooms like star bursts, goldenrod cuttings brighten any fall garden or centerpiece arrangement.

Perennial Sunflower – No autumn garden or bouquet would be complete without this seasonal staple. Most familiar are the large blooms of annual sunflowers, but perennial sunflower variations, which grow back year after year like the lemon queen, provide the creamiest of yellow blooms. Brighter variations of the perennial sunflower are also available to grow in an autumn garden or enjoy in sunflower arrangements.

Chrysanthemums – Sometimes just called mums, chrysanthemums could be listed under any color category, as they are available in almost every color under the sun. Mums are all late bloomers, popping their colors well into fall. Yellow mums, however, bloom especially brightly in autumn and provide a warm welcome when placed on the front porch or a nice accent as a centerpiece in the dining room.

No matter which flowers you choose to enjoy this autumn, at Griffins Floral Designs, we can help you enjoy them to their fullest with artfully arranged bouquets and full, healthy blooming plants.