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Posted by Russ Griffin on February 28, 2017 | Last Updated: March 5, 2017 Uncategorized

Green Flowers for St. Patrick’s Day

green orchidsIt is said that on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish! So break out your finest green fashions, and grab a corned beef and cabbage plate – it’s time to celebrate! If you are looking for the green floral decor to spruce up your office party, or to send to your more fanatic Celtic friends – Griffin’s Floral Designs has all the green you need!

With over 36 million folks of Irish descent in the United States, we will actually be celebrating in far greater numbers than even the nation of Ireland, whose total population is less than 5 million people. Here in the United States, Irish immigrants began flowing into the country in the 1700’s, with the largest group of people coming in during the Irish famine in the1800s. New York City and Boston were the two metropolitan areas that absorbed the new settlers, and to this day still represent the largest population of citizens of Irish descent – but here in Columbus, we know how to celebrate as well, with a parade of our own and many local events. 

green flowers

Pinch Me! You might as well ask someone to pinch you if you venture outdoors on March 17th without wearing any green. Tradition says that it is perfectly acceptable to give an affectionate pinch to those refusing to participate in the custom.

Speaking of tradition, the official plant of Saint Patrick’s Day is the shamrock. Although many people think the shamrock is the same as the four-leaf clover, it is actually a three-leaf plant that Patrick used to teach his converts about the Trinity. You will need some “luck of the Irish” to find a four-leaf version because they only occur once in every 10,000 clover stems. (Call Griffin’s Floral Design if you are looking for a shamrock plant!)

green flowersThere are many green flowers and plants that you can use to decorate for this holiday – including mums, hydrangea, orchids, Bells of Ireland, and ivy. Give out floral designers a call – Griffin’s Floral Design is ready to paint Columbus green this St. Patrick’s Day.