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Posted by Russ Griffin on March 8, 2016 | Last Updated: October 13, 2020 Uncategorized

Griffin’s Floral Designs – Earth Day

earth dayIn the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, the atmosphere was ripe for change. Anti-war protests were sweeping college campuses, and a growing awareness of the damage humanity had inflicted on the Earth was beginning to gain momentum. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring had sold over 500,000 copies, and galvanized activists across the country to take on the issues of pollution and conservation.


Two distinct efforts in the spring of 1970 resulted in the two Earth Days we celebrate now. Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator often referred to as the “Father of Earth Day”, joined forces with a Harvard professor and a congressman to begin a “National Teach-In” initiative on college campuses. The event took place on April 22, 1970, which is still the day that most Americans observe. However, a month earlier, John McConnell, a local activist in California, had presented the idea of an Earth Day at the UNESCO Conference in San Francisco. The conference took place over the Spring Equinox; and by June of that same year, the United Nations had signed a proclamation declaring that the vernal equinox would be the occasion of an international observance of Earth Day, uniting now 184 nations into initiatives of preservation, conservation and awareness. In 2016, that day is March 21.

earth day

Locally, Earth Day Columbus 2016 has invited the central Ohio community to Branch Out! Their stated goal for a decade has been to plant 300,000 trees by 2020; in 2016, that will involve planting 20,000 trees. Green Columbus is behind this one event; however there are many more planned around Columbus, throughout Ohio, and across the country. Why not look up an event near to you, and get involved?


Observing Earth Day by filling your environment with plants and flowers makes a lot of sense. Green plants are known to fill the air with clean oxygen, even detoxifying the atmosphere; as well as bringing both beauty and serenity to any home or office. Griffin’s Floral Designs have many green plants, flowering plants and spring flowers that will green up your world – give us a call today, and be ready to celebrate both Earth Days in 2016.