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Posted by Russ Griffin on March 2, 2016 | Last Updated: October 13, 2020 Uncategorized

Griffin’s Floral Designs – International Women’s Day

women's dayWith slogans such as Women in Decision Making, Women Combating Poverty, and Men & Women Uniting Against Violence, International Women’s Day has become a worldwide initiative recognized officially in 30 nations; and gatherings and events are held in an unofficial capacity in more than 100 countries. The awareness campaign originated in several Soviet nations over a century ago, when women began to protest their treatment; rallying for equal rights, freedoms, opportunities and status. The observance gained momentum in the 1970s, when countries from around the globe were united in solidarity under the banner of the United Nations.

Celebrated annually on March 8th, the day enjoyed special recognition in 2011. In honor of the day’s centennial year, President Obama cited March as Women’s History Month, and suggested that U.S. citizens use the time to remember and honor the extraordinary contributions of American women. There are many trendsetting and courageous women in our history who deserve our esteem – from Red Cross founder Clara Barton; to diplomat Shirley Temple Black; Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman used their influence to forward the cause of racial equality in the early days of the United States, while Marian Andersen worked in the same spirit a century later. Throughout our country’s colorful history, there have been remarkable women – right up to the present day, as exceptional women continue to innovate, create and pave the way.


women's dayIn America, women and girls enjoy educational and career opportunities which many parts of the world do not offer. American women have impact in all aspects of our society – contributing to the marketplace, the public sector, the judicial system, the educational system – not to mention, as mothers, our next generation of influential leaders. If you are hoping to honor a special woman on International Women’s Day, Griffin’s has fitting suggestions that carry special meanings. For instance, a laurel flower or palm plant signify victory and great success, and therefore would be a meaningful gift to be delivered to any office; as would Peruvian lilies (alstromeria) which, along with bamboo, speak to a wish for wealth and prosperity. To convey admiration, add dark pink roses or daffodils; to express your recognition of her wisdom, add some sage leaves.

On March 8th, women around the world will gather to voice their position, fighting for human rights and equal freedoms. Do your part by honoring the women who are making a positive impact in their own sphere of influence, every day. Call Griffin’s Floral Designs to schedule your delivery.