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Posted by Russ Griffin on December 9, 2014 Uncategorized

Hanukkah Flowers and Decorations

With the start of Hanushutterstock_167364551kkah just days away, families everywhere are beginning to plan their festivities and decorations for the upcoming celebrations. This holiday is a time to celebrate with friends and family, enjoying both the religious and cultural significance and meaning behind the eight nights. There are few decorations that can offer more beauty and timelessness than flowers. Flowers can be used around the home to light up the residence for parties and family dinners or they can be given as gifts. Here are few decorating ideas for those interested in using some gorgeous flowers in their Hanukkah celebrations this year.

The centerpiece

zoom_ACF114EFor many families, one of the most treasured part of the Hanukkah celebration is a big dinner, filled with traditional and favorite foods. People can sit around the table, sharing jokes and stories while remembering the past and looking forward to the future. Make the dinner table even more complete by adding a delightful centerpiece that perfectly complements the Hanukkah decor. With the traditional colors of blue and white, a centerpiece that uses flowers such as white lilies, delphinium, and orchids can make a stunning addition. Keep the centerpiece low lying so that it does not obstruct anyone’s view or hinder conversation.

Arrangements arouzoom_BlueHorizonsTFWEB48809112172110nd the home

For most people celebrating Hanukkah, the meal will be only one part of the festive time. Guests and family will also spread throughout the home to speak and enjoy each other’s company. Use flowers to brighten the other popular rooms in the house or even right in the entranceway to the home to welcome guests to the residence. A lovely blue and white  that incorporates gorgeous flowers, such as roses and iris, will add both elegance and a Hanukkah spirit to any room.

White roses as gifts

Often hosts find it rewarding to offer their guests a small token gift when the leave the home for the evening. White roses can make an excellent selection for such a parting gift. The rose is generally seen as a beautiful and treasured gift, and the white rose in particular often communicates respect and honor as well as love and hope for the future. These messages work very well for those parting ways after a celebration of Hanukkah. The white color also has traditional associations with the holiday itself. The host can keep a bouquet of white roses near the door and offer one to guests as they leave.

The holiday season and Hanukkah have arrived once again. As families prepare their homes, they should remember the value and beauty that flowers can add.