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Griffins Floral Designs

Posted by Russ Griffin on January 7, 2019 Uncategorized

Joyful Living Coral

The newest, hottest color on this scene this year is called Living Coral. 2019‘s Color of the Year will be seen everywhere this year, from runways to living rooms, from weddings to sporting events. Be ready for Living Coral to surround you this year! This animated and life-affirming warm coral hue with golden undertones energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. Try placing Living Coral in your home or office for an invigorating effect on the entire room. The floral experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs feel that the best way to include Living Coral in your life is with flowers in this beautiful hue.

One great way to infuse the joyful Living Coral shades into your home or office is with our Tangerine Splash. This gorgeous design features a bright arrangement of roses, carnations and button poms, sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Peaches, yellows, and oranges combine delicately to capture the warmth of early spring. Send to loved ones for a fresh, authentic burst of color in the Living Coral palette.

Surround yourself with the optimistic, free-spirited energy of Living Coral this season and find every room in your home or office brightened and lightened. Talk to the floral designers at Griffin’s Floral Designs about the best ways to include living coral in your daily life.