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Posted by Russ Griffin on June 11, 2018 Uncategorized

Have A June Anniversary? Give These.

If you got married in June, you’re not alone. More people tie the knot this month than any other on the calendar. When we here at Griffin’s Floral Designs think of June, we think of sunny rain showers—which keeps everything green and growing—blue skies, the dawn of summer and flowers that are at their peak. It’s a wonderful time to have a wedding that will showcase flowers because there are so many beautiful options. And where there are weddings, there are anniversaries, which also call for fresh blooms.

One of the best tributes you can make to your lasting commitment is to offer your sweetheart a gorgeous vase of flowers.

They have symbolized passionate love for ages, and every color means something different. Yes, we’re talking about roses, and why they are the perfect gift for not only Valentine’s Day, but for any occasion in which you are expressing your affection for someone, or hoping to inject an air of romance into someone’s day. OurĀ Lavender and Red Roses is the perfect piece for an anniversary, whether it’s your fourth or your 40th.

Flowers can be symbolic of our deepest emotions and thoughts. They can speak to the subtlety and nuance of our feelings, saying much that words can’t.