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Floral Styles for Veterans Day

By Russ Griffin on October 27, 2017 in Veterans Day. 0 Comments

Veterans Day, celebrated every November 11, has been around since 1919, when it was conceived as "Armistice Day" in honor of the end of WWI the year before. Eventually it became the Veterans Day we know now, and yet not any less a momentous occasion. On this day (or very near close to it), our Columbus community gathers together to honor those who served in the U.S. military through parades, observances and parties. We fete our heroes in our homes or reach out to them if they are at a distance. We here at Griffin's Floral Design make the same efforts, joining you in celebration of our vets. But we also believe that the gesture of sending flowers in tribute is another way of honoring our heroes, and we've got a variety of floral styles for Veterans Day to choose from. Read More about Floral Styles for Veterans Day

The Gift of Mums

By Russ Griffin on October 20, 2017 in Fall, Flowers. 0 Comments

It's the giving season, and nothing expresses our gratitude quite like a heaping bushel of flowers, or so we think here at Griffin's Floral Design. Tidy bouquets and glancing bud vases are great, but when we really want to make an impact - especially in Fall, where abundance is a running theme - it's go big or go home. And there's no flower that lends itself better to being brought in bunches (okay, maybe roses) than mums. Fall's signature flower is the perfect way to say Thanks, Gracias, Merci . . . you get the picture. Read More about The Gift of Mums

Sweetest Day Inspires Acts of Kindness

By Russ Griffin on October 4, 2017 in Sweetest Day. 0 Comments

Some say it was 1916, others that it was 1923 - but regardless of the date of the original Sweetest Day, we all agree on how it began. A homegrown Ohio holiday, the first observance of this day was in Cleveland approximately 100 years ago. History tells of a group of candy company executives who banded together to give small gifts of candy and chocolate to orphans, shut-ins, and others who were down on their luck. Down through the years, the holiday has come to represent acts of kindness to anyone who could use a smile. And although the inaugural celebrations had nothing to do with romance. many people do think of Sweetest Day as a "little Valentine's Day". Regardless of who you want to surprise on October 21, Griffin's Floral Designs has the bouquets, gifts, and chocolate you will need to make them smile!  Read More about Sweetest Day Inspires Acts of Kindness

Adorable Pet Costumes to Kick Off the Season

By Russ Griffin on October 2, 2017 in Contest, Fall, Halloween. 0 Comments

The fall season is now officially underway, and with it the anticipation of the arrival of the holiday season. We are inspired by the cool, crisp air and the changing landscape, and look forward to all of the festivities that October brings. First up is Halloween, and we thought that to get the celebrations started, we would share past photos from one of our favorite events. As your local Columbus florist, we have the privilege of having a small part in many parts of your life. From Valentine's Day roses to birthday carnations; from anniversary orchids to sympathy lilies - we truly love getting to know our friends and customers. And every Halloween, we have a tradition that brings the community together in a fun way - our pet costume contest. The amazing pet costumes below are just a few from our prior year's contests, and we hope they inspire you to find an adorable get-up for your canine, feline, or reptile. (Follow us on Facebook so you can enter this year's contest!) Read More about Adorable Pet Costumes to Kick Off the Season

Do You Work for the Best Boss in Columbus?

By Russ Griffin on September 24, 2017 in Corporate Gifts, Flowers, Plants. 0 Comments

Nearly 90,000 people work everyday in downtown Columbus, and many of those people are employers, executives, and supervisors. With so many bosses, you can bet that there is a vast array of personalities and management styles represented, but experts tell us that great bosses all share common characteristics. If you think you work for the best boss in Columbus, he or she likely exhibits many of these traits. National Bosses Day is October 16, and gives you a great opportunity to show appreciation for someone who supports and encourages you every day. Griffin's Floral Designs has everything you need to express your thanks!  Read More about Do You Work for the Best Boss in Columbus?

Harvest and Fall Florals

By Russ Griffin on September 17, 2017 in Fall. 0 Comments

Each year, millions of people anticipate the fall season. Whether it is the crisp, cool air...the pumpkin spice drinks...or the excitement of football season - there is something for everyone to enjoy about the fall. At Griffin's Floral Design, we love the inspiration of the vivid autumn colors. To add comfort and hospitality to your home decor this season, shop our collection of fall florals and centerpieces today.  Read More about Harvest and Fall Florals

Greet New Neighbors with Flowers & Plants

By Russ Griffin on September 7, 2017 in Housewarming Gifts. 0 Comments

Relocating to a new neighborhood can be a little stressful. If you have a neighbors moving in, a friendly smile and a welcome gift can go a long way to making them feel at home. At Griffin's Floral Designs, we know that flowers and plants are beautiful gestures of kindness, and can add the warmth and comfort that makes a house, a home. If you are looking for recommendations for housewarming gifts, you've come to the right place. We have colorful bouquets, lush green plants, and flowering baskets - all perfect for the occasion.  Read More about Greet New Neighbors with Flowers & Plants

Grandparents Day Floral Arrangements

By Russ Griffin on August 24, 2017 in Grandparents Day. 0 Comments

Grandparents Day is an annual opportunity to honor the legacy and history in our families, as well as to celebrate the keepers of the stories - our grandparents! Established in 1978, the holiday was the brainchild of Marian McQuade, a wife and mother who sought to create a time set aside for these special relationships. Far from looking for a commercial event, it was McQuade's vision that the day would be observed with family gatherings and reunions. Inherent in the times together, she hoped there would be mutual love and appreciation for all of the generations which comprised a family. She also felt that it was important for the younger generations to really get to know and love the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family. If you are looking for a special way to honor them, Grandparents Day floral arrangements from Griffin's Floral Design are a great place to begin !  Read More about Grandparents Day Floral Arrangements