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Extraordinary Flowers For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is a big deal for the floral industry---some have even called it the "Superbowl of Flowers"---and we here at Griffin's Floral Design understand why. Flowers have been with us since ancient times, evolving over millennia into the enticing blossoms we know and love today. Flowers have always been used for nourishment, an invaluable part of the life cycle for various animals. They have been prized for their beauty, their ability to bring nature inside, their aesthetic appeal, and countless other qualities. They are common and yet rare, groomed indoors and yet often found growing in the wild. On May 13th, we give them to our mothers because of their many virtues, not least of which is that flowers can articulate how we feel where language falls short. Read More about Extraordinary Flowers For Mother’s Day »
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Give Roses To Your Favorite Graduate

Reaching graduation is an important milestone in any person’s life. For years, graduates have toiled away. They have missed opportunities to go out with friends and sacrificed sleep to earn the desired grade on that important test. Successfully reaching graduation should be a happy day, full of celebrations. Let your graduate know how proud you are of their achievements with one of the lovely arrangements from Griffin’s Floral Design. With arrangements created to mark these happy days, they will surely brighten the face of any recipient. Read More about Give Roses To Your Favorite Graduate »
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Earth Day’s Beautiful Flowers

Earth Day motivates us to sit back and appreciate the natural beauty found all around us. Since 1970, the holiday has reminded us each year to stop for a moment to care about the environment. The earth provides us with an incredibly complex and balanced ecosystem that forms our home. A great way to reflect on this holiday is to bring a lovely plant into your home. The talented florists at Griffin’s Floral Design have created some magnificent masterpieces that work perfectly with this holiday. Read More about Earth Day’s Beautiful Flowers »
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Time To Brighten Up Your Desktop

It’s April, and Spring is in the air. One’s thoughts naturally turn to rebirth, renewal, blooming flowers and greenery coming back to life after a long winter. Administrative Professionals Day falls within the last full week of April, and it’s the perfect time to reassess your work space. Let Griffin's Floral Design help you to brighten your desktop in the most beautiful ways. Read More about Time To Brighten Up Your Desktop »
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Spring Cleaning Through Flowers

The Spring season is a time of renewal and rebirth. It is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and start fresh. Few things herald the birth and onset of Spring more beautifully than Spring flowers. Your experienced florist Griffin's Floral Design is here to assist you in welcoming the Spring season with a variety of bouquets and arrangements. Read More about Spring Cleaning Through Flowers »
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Beautiful Easter Baskets of Flowers

Springtime has officially arrived, on the calendar and at Griffin's Floral Design. Our shop is bursting at the seams with a variety of fresh, pretty springtime flowers in a whole rainbow of colors, shades, shapes and hues. Whether you have an upcoming Easter brunch, birthday celebration or simply want to rejoice in the longer days and bask in the warmer weather, our professional florists have a floral design to help you celebrate the season in style. Read More about Beautiful Easter Baskets of Flowers »
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Fragrant Flowers That Entice The Senses

Spring officially starts in less than a week. But neither the date on the calendar or the fact that we’re now on Daylight Savings Time can cancel the impact of what Mother Nature does about the temperatures and conditions outside. If you are as sick of winter as we are, you may be longing for tangible evidence of spring - in the form of colorful and fragrant flowers and bulbs in bloom. We’re not placing bets on when we’ll see proof of spring outside, but we can guarantee that you can count on Griffin’s Floral Design to offer you a variety of spring flowers with which you can fill your home or business - or both. Read More about Fragrant Flowers That Entice The Senses »
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A Beautiful Spring Design

The approach of Spring heralds one of the most anticipated seasonal changes of the year. After a long, hard winter, everyone is ready for Spring birds and Spring blooms. The Birdbath And Violets arrangement from Griffin's Floral Design brings an unexpectedly delightful combination of both. Read More about A Beautiful Spring Design »
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Show Your Love This International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day. It is a global celebration of women’s empowerment, and it’s a chance for individuals to salute the women in their lives and thank them for everything they do. It began as a women’s campaign that sought to give women voting rights in the early 1900s. The first observance occurred in 1911. Griffin’s Floral Designs encourages people in the Columbus area to use the day’s designation to support, thank, and empower the women in their lives through encouragement, and the gift of flowers. Read More about Show Your Love This International Women’s Day »
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