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Posted by Russ Griffin on August 8, 2014 | Last Updated: August 18, 2014 Uncategorized

The Perfect Flowers to Buy for Your Sorority Crush

So, you have a crush on a sorority girl — are you ever going to show it? Yes, it’s hard to take that risk and put yourself out there. Also, you may not be sure just how exactly to show it… so why not send her flowers?

This sweet and romantic gesture is often overlooked by the less sensitive frat boys out there. You’re sure to stand out from her other suitors if you have a colorful, romantic bouquet delivered directly to the sorority house. But what kinds of flowers to send your sorority crush? Consider these ideas:

Sunny Sunflowers

Give your dream girl a burst of sunny radiance by sending her a bright bouquet of sunflowers. The object of your affection will appreciate that you put some thought into this unique flower choice. You’ll also score points with her sorority sisters who will love the warmth and cheer these flowers bring to the sorority house.

Colorful Blooms

No matter what the season, colorful summer flowers are sure to brighten her day. A Daisy Specialty arrangement features elegant white and yellow daisies; the Hoo-Radiant bouquet mixes roses, carnations and daisies together. A Cut Flower Garden brings a breath of fresh air indoors, and a Summertime Splash or Heavenly Summer Breeze arrangement can bring summer cheer any time of year. Does your crush love fruit? The Bowl of Blooms and Buds combines flowers and fresh fruit in one gorgeous arrangement. tropical arrangement can add an exotic touch and a break from the expected when it comes to sending flowers.

Say it with Roses

Send her roses, and your intentions will be clear. Roses are definitely the flower of love and romance; however, if you’re too shy to send a bright red bouquet, consider a more subtle color. These days, roses are available in just about every color under the sun, from bright yellow to coral to pink to lavender. If you can, find out her favorite color and send roses to match. Not sure? Send an arrangement in school colors to stay low-key about your romantic feelings (for now.)

She’s your dream girl, so she’s worth it. Don’t make the mistake of pining away silently all semester only to have some insensitive frat guy swoop in and take her off the market. Let your heart be your guide as you decide on the perfect flower arrangement to send her. Surprise your sorority crush with flowers, and you’ll let her know just how special she is.