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Posted by Russ Griffin on October 3, 2014 | Last Updated: December 10, 2021 Uncategorized

How to Select Homecoming Flowers

white rose bouquetWhether celebrating a university or high school homecoming celebration, flowers are a must. At Griffin’s Floral Designs, we have a wide selection of arrangements to choose from or are always happy to offer our own floral expertise and create a bouquet of flowers designed especially per your request. If you or someone you know plan to celebrate homecoming this year, make sure you are in the know about how to select the right flowers for the occasion.

In addition to their wonderful aroma and attractive appearance, flowers also have symbolic meanings. So, you will want to make sure the arrangement you select is appropriate for the recipient. If you need a bouquet to congratulate your son or daughter on winning homecoming court or for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or buddy you plan to take to the homecoming dance, choosing the right color of flower is important. For example, red roses symbolize romantic love and passion, yellow roses stand for friendship and happiness, pink roses show admiration, elegance, and appreciation, white roses symbolize new beginnings and remembrance, and orange roses can show excitement.

If you are taking a date to the homecoming dance, do not forget to bring a corsage or boutonniere for your date. Ask ahead of time what color or dress your date plans to wear and if she prefers a traditional pin corsage or one arranged on a wrist band which she can wear on her arm. Boutonnieres for men typically consist of a single flower or bud wrapped with a small accent or flourish. Ask your date what color of tie he plans to wear, so you can coordinate his boutonniere with his clothing.

Homecoming celebrations often involve more than just a dance and the announcement of homecoming court. If you will be holding a homecoming party or banquet, liven up the decor with a special homecoming arrangement or flowers in your school’s colors to place on every table. Be sure to contact us early for large orders of flowers in order to ensure we have your preferred blooms in stock for the big day or all of spirit week.

Whether you are a current student, an alumnus, or alumna, homecoming is a time to celebrate your school and your roots. So, wave your banners high, cheer on your team, have fun, and take a little time to smell your bouquet of roses.