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Posted by Russ Griffin on November 24, 2014 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Uncategorized

Thanksgiving Flowers and Decorations

You might already know exactly what you’re cooking for Thanksgiving dinner, but have you chosen the flowers and decorations? You’ll want to choose some festive flowers, candles, and decorations whether you’re looking for an elegant spread served on fine china or you’re entertaining in a more casual manner with friends.

Branch Out from Traditional Orange and Yellow

Thanksgiving decorations often use colors like bright orange and festive yellow to celebrate the autumn season, but other beautiful color combinations also exist for your Thanksgiving table.

You might consider a harvest heart centerpiece that features deep reds and lush greens that surround a burgundy taper candle. Imagine how vibrant the centerpiece would appear upon a bright white tablecloth and surrounded by a beautiful set of china.


Fun Additions to Traditional Centerpieces

Flowers like chrysanthemums, lilies, and daisies are a striking part of any Thanksgiving centerpiece, but you might consider adding some thematic additions to your display like sprigs of wheat and vibrant fall leaves to the arrangement. Top the display with yellow candles that give your celebration a warm glow.

Other beautiful objects that pair wonderfully with your centerpiece include delicious apples, juicy pears, and traditional gourds. You might even consider placing fruit inside a “fruitful” fall. Will your guests be able to resist plucking one of the apples out of this delicious arrangement?

Simple Arrangements for Casual Gatherings

If you’re looking to entertain your friends with snacks, appetizers, and a casual experience, you can still dress up the event quite easily with simple displays for your sideboard or buffet. Perhaps a festive yet simple autumn bowl of calla lilies and sunflowers that can sit between the turkey-shaped cookies and the plate of spiced pumpkin seeds.

Visiting Friends for Thanksgiving

If you’re traveling for the holiday and will join Thanksgiving dinner at a friend or family’s home, flowers are a lovely gift for the occasion. If you’re tasked with bringing a dish to a Thanksgiving potluck, you might also bring a festive basket of autumn flowers to elevate the beauty of the celebration.

Wherever your Thanksgiving plans take you — and whatever the size of the event — dress up the occasion with some festive flowers. Your friends and family will appreciate the beauty of an autumn vase, classic cornucopia, or beautiful fall bouquet.