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Posted by Russ Griffin on July 15, 2015 | Last Updated: October 29, 2020 Uncategorized

Ways to Make Them Smile

make someone smileSixteen years ago, Teleflora came up with the idea to have a yearly event that would make a difference in the lives of people who need to be cheered up. The campaign is called “Make Someone Smile®” and it takes place during the week of July 19 to July 25 of every year. The entire staff of Griffins Floral Designs is proud to participate in this event because we’re sure that everyone in our community knows at least one person who needs to be cheered up. We know that flowers are a guaranteed way to make someone smile because they are the epitome of happiness!

Think of elderly people you know who may be confined to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Think about any aging family members who may be homebound because they can’t get around very easily anymore. It doesn’t matter whether you know someone or not. When you care enough about making a difference in the life of a complete stranger, you will be rewarded with their smile and the gratitude they show, but more than that, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you gave someone something precious during the Make Someone Smile Week; you gave them happiness, even though it may be short-lived.

We’ve come up with some ideas that are sure to make a recipient smile. You are free to use our suggestions, or talk to us about any arrangement we have.

make someone smile

Sunny Birthday Smiles

“Sunny Birthday Smiles” may have the word “birthday” in the name, but that shouldn’t deter you from using it to Make Someone Smile. Our yellow vase is wrapped with and bright and happy ribbon. But the real happiness comes from the full bouquet of yellow, white and peach colored flowers that ooze sunshine and happiness.

Our Pick Me Up Wish Bouquet is a delightful and unexpected way to cheer someone up and make them smile. Our clear green glass cube vase is the perfect starting point for a flower arrangement that combines flowers in shades of purple and chartreuse. We add accents of white to make a dramatic statement. This lush arrangement of lavender and green is sure to speed the recovery of someone who is in the hospital, or make the day of a nursing home resident.

make someone smile

Citrus Cheer

Citrus Cheer is another arrangement that is a smile in a vase. We use a tall glass vase to showcase this bouquet that is made up of yellow roses and white daisies. We add other flowers as accents to make sure that this combination gives someone an instant dose of happiness.