Please take notice if you are choosing delivery to any public building such as a Hospital, State Buildings, Schools, Banks, etc...

Many Central Ohio hospitals do not have a volunteer or staff member to deliver flower arrangements to patients or employees, as a result, it becomes the responsibility of our drivers. We are unable to send our drivers through a hospital for such deliveries for the protection of our staff, the patient, as well as others. You will be contacted if this becomes an issue.

For public buildings that become problematic, you will also receive a call. Thank you for understanding & your patience while we all work through this challenging time.  We may require a back up delivery address

The Simple answer: Flowers make people smile.

Everyone is sure to be experiencing some sort of chaos in their lives during these challenging times. Flowers offer, even for a moment, a brief pause to "stop and smell the roses". Science has proven that flowers have a positive emotional impact on people. Read more about the Rutgers University study here:

See the actual study here:

Yes, all of our stores remain open at this time.  We are limiting all walk-in business, by offering curbside delivery.  Each store will offer you the ability to pick up our normal variety of products.  It is best practice for you to call prior to arriving at 614-579-0309 and as for the appropriate store, you will be visiting.

Yes, we are delivering. We have transitioned to contact-less delivery as of 3/14/20. This means we will be reaching out to recipients and letting them know a package is arriving and then leaving it at an appropriate location for them. We will be enforcing the CDC policy of 6' person to person contact.  As such deliveries will be left on front steps and porches after contact has been made.  If any issues arise with your order, we will be sure to contact you immediately.

Our plan is to follow the recommendations of our local, state, and federal agencies as they release new policy daily.

Please refer to your agreed to contact sections 8 & 9 for such situations.

Please note that as products and hard goods become more challenging to secure, we will begin substitution of products with similar feel, color, and value.  We will make every attempt to contact each customer prior to this taking place.

We are providing wedding consultations via web conferencing and face-time only at this time.

When placing orders please be ready for the following.

  1. Back up delivery addresses
  2. Substitutions
  3. No delivery time guarantees
  4. Deliveries being made to door steps and front doors
  5. Flexability

Great care will be taken on every gift delivery, to ensure the safety of each package, Griffins will include a 70% Alcohol Cleansing Wipe that can be used to wipe down the container being used.