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Posted by Russ Griffin on August 4, 2019 | Last Updated: August 7, 2019 Uncategorized

4 Ways To Spend Meaningful Time With Grandparents

With Grandparents Day approaching soon, usually celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, we look forward to giving children the opportunity to tell grandparents what they mean to them and let children choose a beautiful floral bouquet, lush plant design or a delicious gift to have delivered to grandparents. Grandparents will be filled with joy to know their grandchildren think that highly of them. The professionals at Griffin’s Floral Design are happy to deliver your chosen design or products to anyone in the greater Columbus area, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities or senior communities as well as private homes. We also had some fun ideas about how to spend meaningful time with grandparents on Grandparents Day.

Send Beauty

For the best that the garden has to offer, send this Violets & Butterflies plant basket. This blooming basket is full of beauty, accented with two bright butterflies. This flowering plant will bring happiness to grandparents all season long. Two African violet plants are presented in a basket adorned with faux butterflies and a matching ribbon. For a long-lasting gift that will remind grandparents of your love, gift them with our Ceramic Birdbath filled with violets and ivy. What a delightful and thoughtful display! For stylish, modern grandparents, our Lilac Fields design is a must. A fashionable design of garden-fresh flowers in stylish purple, lavender, and lime green hues. Featured blooms include roses, stock, hypericum, carnations, or similar favorites for a variety of shapes and textures.


Do Crafts Together 

Let children and grandparents choose a craft to do together that will allow them to visit, get to know one another better and create a lasting product they can enjoy long-term. Papa can help kids build a picture frame and Nana can be ready to decorate it with favorite buttons from her sewing collection. Grandma can teach kids how to quilt, while Grandpa teaches kids how to build a model airplane. Let them share their interests with the grandchildren on this special day.

Have a Performance 

Do kids have a special talent? Let them put on a small performance for grandparents to showcase their fabulous gifts. Playing a musical instrument, singing, performing a ballet piece are all great ways for kids to connect with grandparents. And, if grandparents have any special talents, maybe they can be part of the show too!

Host a Sleepover

Organize a sleepover between grandparents and grandchildren. Make sure kids arrive with a favorite movie or special bedtime story that grandparents can read to them. Who knows what special bonds will be cultivated during this time together.

Make sure this Grandparents Day is extra special when you send beautiful blooms or long-lasting plants from grandchildren to grandparents. Meaningful time spent together is always special, as well, and serves to make lasting memories. For help choosing the perfect floral design or for more great way to spend time together, talk to the floral designers at Griffins Floral Design. We’re happy to help you make this Grandparents Day memorable.