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Posted by Russ Griffin on November 17, 2019 | Last Updated: November 20, 2019 Uncategorized

5 Flowers We’re Thankful For

Flowers are always in style at Griffin’s Floral Design, serving Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Our florists truly believe in the year-round allure of flowers. They’re not only beautiful and fragrant, but flowers also have some pretty incredible health benefits that people can enjoy just by being around them. For example, flowers have been shown to speed up recovery times for those ailing from an illness, injury, or surgical procedure. Flowers can also improve your mood, lower your stress and blood pressure, and improve your memory.

With so many amazing benefits, there’s no reason to wait for the next holiday or special occasion to surround yourself and loved ones with flowers. Why not order today?

What Are the Most Popular Flowers?

Flowers become popular thanks to exceptional beauty, fragrance, or important symbolic meaning. A flower’s popularity also depends on where and when you live. For example, camellias and lotus flowers are two of the most popular in East Asia, but they’re rarely used in other parts of the world. There was also a time when tulips were so popular and valuable that some bulbs cost tens of thousands of dollars. They became a symbol of status and wealth. They could be used as currency and also comprised a major portion of Holland’s economy. Tulips are still favored today, but you won’t find anyone who’s willing to pay thousands just to have tulips included in an arrangement.

1. Roses

red roses and pine and purple flowers in ceramic dish

Gemstone Delight

Roses will be an eternal favorite thanks to their elegance and timeless beauty. They’re so well-loved and bloom in such a wide variety of colors and color combinations, that each color of rose has taken on its own symbolic meaning. You probably already know that red roses represent romance, but did you know blue roses symbolize the unattainable? Orange roses are for passion, yellow roses represent friendship, and lavender roses symbolize love at first sight.

2. Hydrangea

Blue hydrangea in tall glass vase

Azure Fields

Hydrangea is the perfect flower to give a close friend or confidant because they represent gratitude at being understood. Their snowball-like flower clusters bloom in saturated and pastel shades of pink, purple, and blue. They’re also available in white and green.

3. Blue Delphinium

pink daisies 3 yellow roses and blue delphinium in a vase

Paisley, It’s Your Day

We love to use blue delphinium, which features cones of vibrant blue flowers, to add height to our floral designs. These flowers are great for anyone who loves a good time, as they symbolize fun, lightheartedness, and levity.

4. Orchids

purple orchids and king protea in a vase

Moonlight Sonata

There are an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 different types of orchids growing in the world, making them one of the most diverse types of flowers. These beauties are great gifts for special women because they represent glorious femininity, refinement, mature charm, thoughtfulness, and exotic beauty.

5. Tulips

ping roses and tulips in glass vase

Floral Fantasia

Thanks to their worldwide popularity, there are thousands of different tulips and hybrids available. Tulips are a symbolic way to declare your love for someone.

What Your Favorite Flower Says About Your Personality

Flowers all have symbolic meanings, but did you know that many people also think a person’s favorite flower can reveal something about their personality? For example, those who love roses tend to bring out the best in others. People who prefer peonies love surprises, and daisy lovers are said to have adventurous spirits. Creative types tend to like daffodils, while violet lovers are witty and reserved. If you love orchids, you might also have a mysterious aura.

How Do I Order Flowers for Someone?

If you’re ordering flowers for someone other than yourself, it’s important to consider your relationship, the type of occasion, and the sort of sentiment you want your floral gift to convey. We strongly recommend reserving red roses for romantic relationships and occasions. It’s also good to save all-white arrangements for somber occasions since they typically represent sympathy and remembrance. If you’re not sure what type of arrangement would be best, picking a design that features multiple colors and flowers is usually a great choice for any recipient.

Ordering flowers from Griffin’s Floral Design is easy! With our online ordering feature, you can have flowers delivered to just about any location. We also always welcome customers to stop by any of our flower shops for personalized assistance and professional recommendations.