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Posted by Russ Griffin on March 14, 2023 Uncategorized

Celebrating Mom’s Individuality with a Personalized Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement

Things are warming up here in Ohio as we move into the month of May, with colorful blooms gracing our lawns and gardens. The Cleveland Guardians are swinging for the fences, as we prepare for the school year to wind down next month. Of course, the most important thing to put on your calendar is Mother’s Day, arguably the most important holiday of the spring season. And while you can surprise the deserving mom in your life with all matter of gifts, you can’t go wrong with an artfully-arranged bouquet of bright and bold flowers, a classic way to bring delight into any recipient’s day. If you want the best of the best, get in touch with us here at Griffin’s Floral Design & Wine Shop in Columbus, Ohio or any of our other locations. We’ll make sure your mom gets the VIP treatment.

The Workout Mom

While it’s not always easy to start a workout regimen and stick to it, that’s not an issue for the workout mom in your life. She’s committed to taking care of her mind and body, whether that means going for long bike rides, getting a lift in at the gym, or simply making sure she gets a walk in every day. So if your mom has a penchant for all things fitness-related, show her you respect her passion this Mother’s Day by gifting her with an elegant bouquet of orange lilies. They will honor the pride and confidence that makes your mother tick.

The PTA Mom

The core values of a PTA mom are straightforward and simple: Do all that you can to make your child’s education the best it can be. That can mean volunteering to coordinate events, spending extra money to assist teachers with classroom supplies, attending sporting events — you name it, the PTA mom is ready to step up and do it. That’s all the more reason to show your gratitude for her this Mother’s Day with a custom bouquet of fresh flowers. We suggest pink tulips, as tulips embody the meaning of charity, and pink signals femininity and grace.

The New Mom

Nothing turns your world upside-down quite like becoming a mother for the first time. While before everything was about her, now it’s all all about the new life she’s suddenly responsible for — and completely in love with. It’s a beautiful time in a person’s life, and all the more reason to surprise the new mom you know with a custom arrangement of flowers on Mother’s Day; this will show her that you’re thinking of her during this formative period. We suggest gifting her with carnations paired with baby’s breath, a hearty combination that will remind her of her new bundle of joy every time she looks at it.

The Coffee Mom

What’s better than lounging at a coffee shop, working away on your laptop and sipping on a steamy cup of Joe? Nothing, if you ask the coffee mom, as that is 100% her happy place. And while you may be tempted to get her java-adjacent gifts for Mother’s Day this year, we recommend instead surprising her with a gorgeous floral arrangement. For added bohemian flair, make spray roses the focal point of the bouquet, which is sure to delight her caffeinated senses.

The Plant Mom

Not everyone who identifies as a mother has human children; some adopt the moniker for other lifeforms like pets and even plants. This is especially the case for avid gardeners, who value each one in their garden and regard them as green children. Chances are you know one such plant mom, who is just as deserving of acknowledgement on Mother’s Day as any parent. So surprise her with a gift this year that pays homage to her green thumb, such as a flowering plant she can add to her leafy family. Azaleas as a great option, as they’re easy to care for, super rewarding, and bring bold color into any garden.

All moms love receiving thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day, especially a custom flower arrangement that honors her unique sensibilities. To that end, the floral experts at Griffin’s Floral Design & Wine Shop can help you curate the perfect bouquet to make her holiday one for the record books.