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Posted by Russ Griffin on March 17, 2014 | Last Updated: July 7, 2014 Uncategorized

What Gifts You Should Give on St. Patricks Day

Shamrock Plant ColumbusSt. Patrick’s Day has the obvious tradition of drinking yourself silly (assuming you are legally old enough to) and wearing the color green. Historically, St. Patrick’s Day is to celebrate the arrival of Christianity to Ireland but, much like Christmas, it’s not looked at as a religious holiday, just another excuse to have a good time. Because of this, it Preview Changeshas become another holiday, one where people aren’t necessarily given the day off work, but one that encourages a lot of partying and gift giving. Below are some ideas of gifts you could give on St. Patrick’s Day this year, making the process of gift giving on this mid-March celebration a tradition unto itself.

A Round of Golf!

Have friends or parents who love playing golf? Give them a round on St. Patrick’s Day to be played in the future. Ireland is the place where golf was born and if people are celebrating Ireland, then there is no reason they shouldn’t celebrate golf as well!

White and Orange Flowers

Flowers on St. Patrick’s Day? There’s never a bad day for flowers, when you think about it. However, color coordinating these flowers to the holiday is what is important here. The white flowers could be lilies or roses, while the orange flowers could be honeysuckles or daisy bloom-like Tiki Torches. These are perfect in a bouquet that, over the course of the day, is broken up and worn in people’s hair. The green of the stems and the leaves will add that ever important final Irish color.


Guinness is arguably the best beer in the world and it comes straight out of Ireland. There will be plenty of beer to go around, but buying a beer or three for some friends is a great, easy gift on St. Patrick’s Day. You’ve probably already done this in the past!

Green Apparel

Wearing green in St. Patrick’s Day is a tradition that most people know when they first hear about the holiday, as kids will actually pinch each other for not wearing it. Now it’s just a perfect excuse for wearing green and being proud of it one day out of the year. So by giving green apparel on St. Patty’s Day, you’re not only supporting a tradition but keeping people from getting pinched!