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Posted by Russ Griffin on December 15, 2015 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 Uncategorized

Griffin’s Floral Design – Holiday Gift Baskets and Gourmet Treats

Christmas shopping can be an incredibly chaotic ordeal. If you’re like us, you probably know of someone who takes all the joy out of shopping because they’re never satisfied with the gifts people choose for them. Don’t allow a spoilsport to rob you of the fun you should derive out of shopping for gift recipients. Thankfully, Griffin’s Florist understands how difficult some shopping situations can be, and we’ve assembled an extensive selection of Christmas Gift Baskets that are perfect for those last minute gifts you need, whether it be for a holiday gift exchange at work, or a holiday party to which friends or neighbors invite you.

We’ve chosen some of our favorite holiday gift baskets to showcase in the hopes of helping you as you shop for those difficult people or situations, or find the perfect gift to take to a party or holiday gift exchange.

Healthy Fruit Basket Options

One of the most stressful aspects of the holiday season for most of us is the tempting goodies that cause us to derail all our hard work and efforts to eat a healthier diet. When you give someone a fruit basket, you’re giving them a thoughtful gift that’s full of sweetness and healthy vitamins and minerals.

We love the Holiday Fruit With a Plant basket because it allows you to give someone some healthier goodies and a lush plant that will give them lasting memories.

You can also give someone A Holiday Gift Basket. If you’re looking for a gift to give to clients or business associates who you don’t know very well, you can’t go wrong with this healthy gift. The basket overflows with luscious and healthy fruits, and it’s the perfect way to encourage the recipient to eat some healthy foods — along with the treats, throughout the holiday season.

holiday gift basket

Holiday Fruit with Plant

holiday gift basket

Winter Warm Up Hot Cocoa and Cookies

Everyone LOVES Chocolate

Chocolate is one of those universal gifts that everyone will like. We’ve got some unique chocolate gifts that are sure to blow your chocolate loving friend, relative or acquaintance away!

The Ghirardelli Holiday Gift Box will warm your recipient’s insides as they sip the delicious Ghirardelli chocolate truffle, white chocolate and peppermint truffle hot cocoa. The box includes peppermint bark, milk chocolate and caramel squares, and a chocolate brownie square.

Delight someone with our Winter Warm Up Hot Cocoa and Cookies box. Hot cocoa, biscotti, and peppermint stick candy canes go wonderfully together, and the two mugs that come with the box fill this gift with everything anyone could need for a festive celebration.

The holidays are a time for celebrating with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Don’t let the fun of holiday gift shopping turn into a tedious ordeal you dread before you even start it. Our Holiday Gift Baskets are lovely gifts for any person. Let us help you turn your holiday shopping into a stress-free and fun experience.