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Posted by Russ Griffin on January 9, 2020 | Last Updated: December 29, 2020 Uncategorized

Kick the Last-Minute Stress by Ordering Valentine’s Day Flowers Early

Valentine’s Day is all about romance; it’s not all about running around, anxious, while you fight the crowds to try to piece together something that resembles a romantic evening at the last minute. Our Columbus florists at Griffin’s Floral Design are here to remind you that by preparing in advance, you’ll save yourself unnecessary stress and get to enjoy a day of romance with your Valentine. So, go ahead and make your dinner reservations now, pick out your gifts, and get ready to order your Valentine’s Day flowers early!

Red Roses

Red Roses

Other Reasons We Recommend Ordering Valentine’s Day Flowers in Advance


1. Get Your First Choice

Millions of bouquets will be sold this year on Valentine’s Day, which means our most sought-after colors, flowers, and designs will sell out quickly. To make sure you get to shop a complete selection and get your first choice of bouquet, we recommend ordering at least a week or two in advance.

2. Get a Great Delivery Time

On Valentine’s Day, flowers sell out fast, and delivery schedules fill up quickly. When you order early, you’ll have a better chance of snagging the delivery time slot of your choice, rather than getting stuck with whatever times are leftover.

Assorted Roses

Assorted Roses

3. Save Money

Flowers are often sold at reduced prices in January to incentivize customers to order early. If you order your flowers in advance, you could save some money that could later be put toward your fancy dinner or other romantic plans on Valentine’s Day itself.

4. Extend the Romance

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th. This makes it perfect for planning a whole week of building up the romance and anticipation for the main event. Deliver your Valentine’s flowers on Monday with the promise of big plans at the end of the week. Then your love can get excited and feel well-loved while enjoying her flowers throughout the week.

5. Customize Your Design

We do our best to accommodate all our clients’ requests, but sometimes a special customization request has to be made early in order to be filled. If you want to order a specific type of flower for your recipient, our florists might need to order them from a local greenhouse. As Valentine’s Day approaches, it becomes increasingly difficult to get special orders in on-time because of the increasingly high demand for greenhouses and farms.

ouquet of a one in a half dozen Lavender roses adorned with lush greens

18 Lavender Roses

More Advice for Ordering a Romantic Bouquet of Valentine’s Day Flowers

If your special someone has a favorite flower or color, you can look for or request a bouquet that incorporates those elements. Roses and other seasonal designs always make great choices for Valentine’s Day, too. When in doubt, ask one of our florists.

To ensure smooth delivery of your romantic bouquet, provide as much delivery information as possible when you order. That includes your recipient’s name, phone number, and complete address. If delivering to an office building or apartment, please also include the floor, suite number, apartment number, or relevant department.

Whether you order in-person at one of our flower shops, over the phone, or online, our florists at Griffin’s Floral Design are here to help you and provide personalized assistance to ensure you select a design that your sweetheart will be sure to love!