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Posted by Russ Griffin on February 16, 2024 Uncategorized

Empowering Ways to Mark International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is about female empowerment, but there’s so much more to it. Whether you’re showing love to your BFFs, doing local outreach, or simply meditating on personal growth, March 8th hits differently for everyone. So if something gives you life, that’s the right way to celebrate the occasion. At Griffins Floral Designs & Wineshop in Newark and New Albany, Ohio, we’re fans of sending flowers to those who inspire us, women and allies alike. Bouquets fill recipients with warmth and positivity and can be as diverse as you desire. It’s your story, your soundtrack!

Organize a Fundraiser

Let’s talk money for a hot second: Hosting a fundraiser on International Women’s Day is a move that we’re absolutely here for. Find a women-oriented charity that resonates with you, whether it’s repping female-helmed businesses, supporting girls’ education, or fighting for equal pay. Get your friends hyped and tap into those fundraising skills to support a cause that can make a difference, straight up. For the icing on the cake, display fresh floral arrangements around the venue – it’s the perfect way to make your event decor right on point.

Host a Party

On International Women’s Day, throwing a party is a great way to celebrate the holiday with your people. It’s all about acknowledging the many achievements of your guests who have been crushing it in life. Put on your favorite Spotify playlist, serve some delicious eats, and decorate with colorful flower arrangements; that’s the best way to give your space a glow-up. Bonus – parties can be a networking hotspot for your BFFs. Whether you’re building personal or professional connections, parties are what’s up.

Gather For a Meaningful Meal

Get your peeps together for a tasty brunch, lunch, or dinner this International Women’s Day and show some love for each other’s Ws. Feast on great food and drinks as you celebrate sisterhood and unity. Spruce up the table decor with a vase filled with fresh blooms to add flair to the festivities. Hit up a neighborhood joint owned and operated by women and allies; giving our support to female-helmed businesses is what gives us the most life on IWD!

Set Personal Goals

International Women’s Day is all about getting pumped about your future and going big with your dreams. Plotting out your goals creates a roadmap for your future, leading you toward the path to your absolute best life. Plus, achieving your goals can inspire your friends and allies to chase their ambitions. They can be your BFFs, your peers, and young girls who are just getting started. Don’t forget that putting yourself first in the way that’s right for you, like ordering bougie blooms, is also a self-care goal.

Send Flowers

Sending flowers to your loved ones on International Women’s Day is the flex we’re here for. It’s a gesture that shows you understood the assignment, showing gratitude and shouting out the people who really make a difference. Whether it’s for yourself for being authentic no matter what, your BFFs for being there through thick and thin, or your allies for standing up for what’s right, fresh blooms share the love. Plus, flowers make everyone happier, and who doesn’t need those feels right now?

International Women’s Day isn’t just another day on your calendar – it’s a chance to make a mark, and we’re totally here for it at Griffins Floral Designs. Whether hustling for a cause, spending time with friends, or sending blooms to your friends and family, celebrating the day is as essential as the game-changers we honor.

Honor International Women's Day