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Same Day Delivery FAQs

Griffin’s Floral Design is proud to be your Columbus, Ohio source for same-day delivery and customization on a stunning selection of flowers, plants, and gifts. We stand by our ability to deliver to you and your loved ones. For more specifications on our delivery, read below or check out our FAQs.

What is the status of my delivery?

Our delivery times are between 9 am & 6 pm.  Our policy on order of delivery and what goes into that order are listed below.  You will generally receive an email from us once your delivery has left one of our locations or has been actually delivered.  This is a general rule of thumb, some circumstances may result in this not happening.  Please be sure to check your spam filter and junk mail folder for our email and approve our email address to receive the most current and up-to-date information on your order.  Lastly, you can always call our customer service team to receive up-to-date information.

  1. Time in which your order was received vs. other customers’ orders.  Priority is always given to the customer who placed their order first.  Sometimes this is overruled by the customer who pays for rush delivery or guaranteed delivery time.
  2. Funerals:  Sympathy orders being delivered to a funeral home or a church are always given the highest priority due to the circumstances surrounding showing times and memorial times.
  3. Schools, Hospitals & Business: Gifts being delivered to staff members, patients, or students at a school, hospital, or a business, especially during major floral holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Bosses Day, Sweetest Day, etc…  We do NOT deliver to dorm rooms, ICU, or Cancer centers.
  4. Residential: Gifts being delivered to a home, for any occasion, will be scheduled between the above deliveries and/or after.

Will My Flowers or Gift Be Left If No One Is Home?

Great question – as a general rule, we do not make a practice of leaving any gift at a doorstep.  With wine, it is illegal.  During extreme weather, such as freezing cold or excessive heat, we will NOT leave a package.  During cooler weather, such as in Autumn, we may.  It is sometimes left to driver discretion and how rural the delivery is.  But, as a general rule,  we DO NOT leave packages on doorsteps, even if you request it.

YES – we do leave deliveries often with neighbors.  It is our company policy to leave it with a neighbor before bringing it back to one of the shops.  If this happens, you will receive an email stating that your delivery has been completed. Generally, it will state that it was left at an alternate address.  We will call the recipient and tag their door with the location/address, name, and phone number of where it was delivered.  If this is NOT acceptable to you, please call our shop and DO NOT place your order on our website.

What are standard floral delivery times?

Our delivery times are between 9 am and 6 pm. On florists holidays or during heavy delivery days, times may go later than 6 pm.  Should you require a delivery to be made before a certain time, we would suggest our Rush Delivery Services.

Will you deliver to a hospital room?

Most hospitals do not allow our staff to deliver to a patient’s room directly due to Hippa Laws.  Most Cancer centers do not allow flowers or plants at all.  Hospitals in Central Ohio have a general policy that flowers be delivered to their Flower Room, and that their staff deliver the flowers to the room, or that we deliver to the Nurses station.  Please understand that we want your gift delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we also are required to follow hospital policies and do not wish to place our employees or the recipient in an uncomfortable position.

What is your delivery policy on Sundays?

Due to limited availability of florists open Sunday, we can not guarantee delivery on Sunday. However, Monday will need to be an option for delivery if Sunday is not available.  Additionally, should your delivery be for a Funeral service on a Sunday, we will generally deliver it the Saturday before.

What do you do when the Recipient Is Not Home?

The florist may choose to leave the arrangement with a neighbor or manager and attach a note to the recipient’s door stating who accepted the arrangement on their behalf; or if the area is secure, to leave the arrangement at the door. The florist may also leave a note on the recipient’s door asking the recipient to call the florist’s shop and arrange a convenient time for re-delivery. Another option is calling the recipient first to arrange a delivery time. If the recipient is at work all day, we suggest sending the arrangement to the workplace. Incomplete or incorrect addresses or phone numbers may delay delivery. Most florists employ professional delivery personnel who will find the best delivery choice for your special gift.

Do Gift Items Ship Direct?

Several of our gift items are shipped directly through Federal Express, Airborne, or UPS. At this time, we are unable to ship to PO boxes, hotels, or hospitals. Cut-off times for same-day shipment and available shipping options are clearly marked on the order form for each item. The date your order will be received will depend on the shipping date and the shipping method you select. Items shipped UPS Ground can take 3 to 7 business days, and delivery dates are not guaranteed. Items shipped Overnight or 2-Day are guaranteed to be delivered within that period. Please note that the guaranteed shipping options are based on business days, so an order shipped on a Friday by FedEx 2-Day would be delivered on the following Tuesday.

Do you deliver Internationally?

Due to the various time zones between the U.S. and other continents, same-day delivery is not available. We can only guarantee delivery dates for orders received three business days in advance. You must call us to place an international delivery order; you cannot do so online.