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Posted by Russ Griffin on May 26, 2015 Uncategorized

Top Reasons to Give Roses in June

rosesThe rose’s beauty and popularity are well known. It is the traditional flower of romance and passion as well as a go-to choice for weddings, anniversaries, or whenever you want to give a gift that says, “I love you.” However, roses have special significance for the month of June.

The rose is the official birth flower for June. Every month has a designated flower, and this first month of summer happens to have rose as its floral choice. If you know anyone with a June birthday, sending them roses is a perfect way to mark the occasion.

A Timeless Classic

Evidence of roses in the earth’s early fossil records date back anywhere from 35 million to 70 million years, depending upon the research. Clearly, the rose is a time-tested classic. It has also been formally cultivated in gardens for at least 5,000 years. The rose has been a beloved flower in Central Asia, namely the country China for many thousands of years.

Here are four other key reasons to consider giving roses to those you love this June (or any time of year):

1. There’s a rose for everyone. With over 150 hybrids in circulation today, there’s sure to be a size, shape and petal style to appeal to your friends and loved ones. From smaller-sized tea roses to grandifloras, floribundas and climbing roses, there’s a¬†perfect style of rose for everyone you care about.

2. The meaning is clear. The rose has been a symbol of love and affection for so long, the recipient will immediately know that they are loved and appreciated.

3. Roses embody elegance. Few flowers are as stately and elegant as the long-stemmed rose. Sending one dozen makes an impact; sending two or more dozen will leave no doubt that you treasure the recipient and wanted to make their day.

4. They come in any color you can imagine. If you associate roses just with red and crimson colors, think again; roses come in just about every color imaginable, from a range of pink shades to burgundy, orange, melon, yellow, white, cream, lavender, purple, and every color in between. For June weddings or for an ultra-feminine touch, consider light pastel-colored roses for your decor and gift-giving.


If you know anyone with a June birthday, consider giving the gift of their birth flower this year. Contact Griffin’s Floral Designs for rose bouquet ideas or to place your order.