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Griffin’s Guide to Orchids

Orchids are known for their elegance, mystique, and exotic beauty that sets them apart from other flowering plants. They have been sought-after for hundreds of years and prized across the globe for uniqueness. The blossoms of orchid plants come in a vast array of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Every orchid bloom has perfect symmetry when cut down the middle, and contrary to popular belief, this is a plant that is easy to maintain. Here at Griffin’s Floral Designs, the best florist in Columbus, we love orchids for their gorgeous flowers, structural elegance, and air of mystery that surrounds them. They make an excellent gift for any occasion and look great in every room of the house. Check out our orchid-related blogs below to find out more about this wonderfully unique flowering plant.

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Orchids, The Beautiful Blooming Plant!

Orchids are fantastic plants that make for great decorations in any home. Their vibrant colors make them easy to use as a part of the decor while their long lifespan with proper care means that they can be relied upon for years to come.

Tropical Flowers

Here are a few pictures of some recent tropicals that we installed for a client. The flowers came straight from Hawaii. Heliconia, Tropical Fluer, Orchids, Proteas, Gingers, Birds of Paradise, and other unique Columbus Tropical Flowers.

The Beauty of Blue Flowers

Less common, but still strikingly beautiful, blue-colored flowers are a great accent to other flowers or absolutely stunning when grouped together with other blue florals.

Lucky Plants & Flowers You Should Have in Your Home

With a new year comes the excitement of what may happen and the hope that it’s good. Improve your chances by having plants and flowers in your home that are known for their good luck properties.

Keep Your Plants Happy with Plenty of Sunlight

After bringing your new, wonderfully lush, and vibrant green plant home from the nursery, make sure to take the proper precautions to keep it lush, healthy, and growing.

Show You Care With Meaningful Get-Well Flowers

Sending flowers to a friend or loved one who is in the hospital is a thoughtful and encouraging sentiment. Flowers are always a delightful surprise and can truly lift spirits and encourage your loved one on to recovery.

Find Unique, Individualized Presents

By now you realize that Griffin’s Floral Design is an excellent resource for all things flowers. Did you also know that Griffin’s can create beautiful, unique gifts for any occasion?

Modern New Floral Trends

This year’s Floral Trends Forecast is full of some amazing modern new floral trends we can’t wait to share with you. Griffin’s Floral Designs is proud to introduce these amazing new designs featuring daring colors and structured designs as a means of communicating your personality to the world.

Send a Meaningful Gift on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while we often associate this day with love and romance, we can also use it as an opportunity to share your feelings with other special people in your life.

Marvelously Meaningful Flowers

Every year on Valentine’s Day, my three daughters receive a rose from their father. He started this tradition with them when they were young because he wanted their first roses to come from their father, rather than “some boy.”