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Posted by Russ Griffin on November 30, 2023 | Last Updated: January 15, 2024 Uncategorized

Sending Love to Him with Statement Flowers on Valentine’s Day

Fresh flowers have long been a symbol of Valentine’s Day, and their significance extends beyond aesthetics – they have a positive impact on your health. Research shows that flowers can lower stress, increase empathy, and boost overall happiness, leading to greater life satisfaction. This Valentine’s Day, show your love and appreciation by presenting the man in your life with fresh, fragrant flowers. Let the skilled florists at Griffins Floral Design & Wineshop in Newark and New Albany, Ohio, curate a bouquet that makes him feel joy and fortifies your connection.

Gerbera Daisies

Joyful and vibrant, Gerbera daisies are great for adding cheer to your Valentine’s Day floral displays. Notably, these blooms were utilized in a scientific study showcasing how flowers can improve men’s communication ability. The research findings indicated that guys who received a flower tended to establish prolonged eye contact and engage in more purposeful conversations. Gerbera daisies bloom in many shades, too, so you have the flexibility to choose his favorite or craft a bouquet with heartfelt symbolism.


Anthuriums are an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day arrangements, thanks to their distinctive heart-shaped blooms and bold pink, ivory, or deep red colors. These robust blossoms inject sophistication and vibrancy into floral designs, and their tough petals and prolonged bloom time ensure your arrangement stays fresh and beautiful for weeks. This resilience reflects your lasting love and commitment to the man you love the most.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise have an exotic essence and tropical allure, qualities that appeal to a lot of men, in addition to their colorful, bold blossoms. These singularly-shaped flowers command admiration and attention for their wild beauty and vibrancy. They represent happiness, rendering them a perfect addition to his Valentine’s Day floral arrangement. Choosing to give your significant other birds of paradise is an unconventional move, signaling your embrace of surprises in your relationship and your readiness for any adventure that comes your way.

Red Roses

Choosing red roses for your partner’s flower arrangement is a time-honored tradition, as they represent romance and love. They’re a sincere way to show your husband or boyfriend you’re deeply committed to him and your partnership. Additionally, red roses express appreciation, respect, and gratitude, highlighting the deep importance of having your partner on your team. You can make the gesture even more special by picking the number of red roses in the arrangement; each can symbolize pivotal moments in your partnership or honor how long you’ve been a couple.


Orchids, known for their elegance, are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, and shades. Their intricate and rich symbolism renders them a wonderful choice for showing your partner you’re devoted to him on Valentine’s Day. Choose blossoms in the colors he likes most to send him a heartfelt expression of love. For instance, red orchids symbolize passion and love, while purple orchids represent admiration. You can use multiple colors to add nuance or go with a monochrome look. Orchids also radiate calming energy, making them a perfect addition to the romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to their timeless beauty, fresh fragrances, and meaningful symbolism, flowers are a fantastic way to express love and well-being on Valentine’s Day. Reach out to us at Griffins Floral Design & Wineshop to create a statement bouquet that will touch his heart.

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