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Posted by Russ Griffin on October 14, 2020 | Last Updated: October 20, 2020 Uncategorized

🦃 Griffin’s Thanksgiving Guide 🍁

Loved by all and considered the best holiday by many, Thanksgiving is an American tradition that brings friends and family together for a feast to top all other feasts. In the spirit of giving thanks, this beloved holiday is a favorite for many reasons, such as great food, four-day weekend, football, Macy’s Day parade, the National Dog Show, Netflix binge-watching, and pumpkin pie! To help you get ready for Thanksgiving, Griffins Floral Designs has collected our favorite Thanksgiving-related blogs which include tips on decorating, perfect hostess gifts, fascinating Thanksgiving facts, beautiful centerpieces, and more! Also, be sure to check out Griffin’s Florals amazing fall flowers and table decorations to bring the spirit of the season into your home.

Giving Thanks for Our Fabulous Team

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to reflect on who and what we are thankful for. At Griffin’s Floral Design, we are most thankful for our incredible staff and team who bring you the freshest flowers every day.

An Instant Update to Your Thanksgiving Table

If the thought of creating the perfect Thanksgiving meal makes you feel more stressed than blessed, maybe it’s time to consider some new, creative ideas for Thanksgiving this year.

The Cornucopia – A Historical Icon

One of the traditional symbols of Thanksgiving is the cornucopia. While many people will use the cornucopia as a centerpiece this holiday season, do you know what it symbolizes or how it came to be?

Centerpieces and Candlelight

The holiday table, done correctly, is a true work of art. From the coordinated place settings to the perfect turkey fresh out of the oven, gathering together for the meal is the most anticipated part of our Thanksgiving celebrations.

Thanksgiving Flowers and Decorations

You’ll want to choose some festive flowers, candles, and decorations, whether you’re looking for an elegant spread served on fine china or you’re entertaining in a more casual manner with friends.

Enchant Your Thanksgiving Host with a Thoughtful Gift

It’s the time of year when everyone’s busy counting their blessings and practicing gratitude. Be sure to remember the special people in your life. If you’ve been invited to spend Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving at someone else’s home, you should arrive with a hostess gift in hand.

Fall Flowers for the Holiday Host

Thanking your host with flowers is a classic gesture. In fact, across the globe, there are customs governing the gifting of flowers, such is their popularity as an expression of gratitude.

Thanksgiving at Griffin’s

It’s November, which means we’re trying not to eat all the Halloween candy in one sitting, and we’re starting to plan Thanksgiving dinner. Will you invite friends over, cook a big turkey, and watch the big game?

Picture-Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpieces

It’s not hard for a table to look good on Thanksgiving. A beautiful tablecloth, fine china, polished silverware – and that’s to say nothing of the feast itself.

Thanksgiving Decor and Traditions

We love Thanksgiving. The warmth of the season, the meaningful customs, getting together with family and friends – it all amounts to one of the most anticipated times of the year.

Hosting a Stress Free Thanksgiving

Oh Joy, it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving in your home and you’re freaking out. Well no need. With these simple tips on creating a stress-free Thanksgiving, it will be easy as pie, pumpkin pie that is.